Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence During Lockdown

There will be flying cars in the year 2020 they said. The future will be beautiful and full of possibilities. No one will face hardships owing to the advancements in science and there will be happiness all around while people will enjoy equal rights. But the reality is slightly different from this utopian dream. Corruption, inequality, hatred, bloodshed, diseases, and what not, 2020 came out to be one of the hardest years faced by humanity in a long time. Flying cars was a far-fetched dream, here the lockdown grounded the airplanes as well.
The World at Halt Lockdown 2020 has affected almost everyone’s life, ranging from social and monetary blackouts to mental stress and anxiety. Of all the negatives that Covid-19 made us realize, one of the prime exposures was about the inequalities suffered by females. Yes, the 2020 exposition about equal rights was amiss, as the world hasn’t been justified to this gender.
Lockdown and Women The lockdown has proven to be a terrible time for the females…

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How to Turn the Lockdown Efficient

As I recently learned, staying up for days and missing sleep turns off the dopamine secretion and the result is no more happiness and the instinct of survival comes into play. With this instinct into action, we focus on utilizing anything and everything in a well-optimized and sustainable manner, in order to make it last.
Coming to the common reality, the world is suffering from the dreadful COVID-19 disease that has taken quite a toll on humanity. Locked down in houses, this viral disease has surely made a planet-sized dent on the world economy and the phenomenon called life. But if seen through the glasses of hope and positivity, this unfortunate disease has taught humans much more than what books, documentaries, and pleadings of different organizations did. Nature is blooming, the skies are blue again, the air is fresh, wildlife has made back to the cities, birds are singing in unison and what not. If that is not all, imagine the amount of pollution not being generated on a daily ba…

Is Old Age a Curse in India?

India is considered to be synonymous with culture on the face of the earth. The history of this country has reflected many ethics and etiquettes about different aspects of life. One of the common aspects is respecting the elders, as the common saying across every other Indian household: “respect your elders”. Indeed, we all grew up listening to this one dialogue from our parents, grandparents, relatives and every other person we met. And this is how this dialogue got intertwined in our sub-conscious mind. Moving to school, the teachers would preach the same about respecting the elders, as our culture has always taught us.

Coming back from the school, we will see an alternate reality of our father scolding his old father or mother about something as petty as spilled chai due to their Parkinson’s disease or asking to bring some medicine. And slowly the theory that we have been fed would contradict the reality. Yes, this is the story of numerous households, where the senior members are …

Pink Skies and Rainbow Clouds – India Versus LGBTQ

India, the land of colors, has opposed the rainbows for too long just like many other nations. It is a country where people are unable to accept Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer community for their preferences. The common dialogues floating around the societies include, “oh look, how is he speaking and dressed’, “why is she dating a girl” or going down to the foolish thoughts of men wearing pink is ‘gay’ and so on. Yes, incredible India is not that incredible for the LGBTQ community at all. This is why coming out of the closet is not something that is very common, owing to the honor killings and hate crimes done in the name of genders and faiths.

The previous generations might not accept or acknowledge the beauty of love in this form. Not the previous generations alone, but even the current generations spew venom against such relations, calling them names and sharing nothing but hatred against them. Sometimes, they argue by bringing in culture and history in debates or e…

Free Education in India: Is it Achievable?

What is the cost of Education?
A question that many know, but rarely anyone dares to ask themselves. Furthermore, what exactly is the cost of premiere education in India? In the times of Mahabharata, the cost of education was Eklavya’s thumb. In the current scenario, it is more than the life’s earnings of a middle-class family, not less than selling the soul to Satan himself. There are numerous related questions as well, including, does the cost of education affect the nation at large?

For a developing nation, education plays a vital role in strengthening the country through different channels. From a short-term perspective, it makes the population smarter and brighter, knowledgeable and aware of the worldly affairs. Considering the long-term benefits, education enables a country to introduce sustainable goals and plans to build a stronger society later on forming a developed nation. And as per the general fact of nature, an educated individual will earn more than an uneducated indi…

India and Education: A Glimpse

The nation with the second largest population struggles with education on a countrywide level. The bitter truth is that India is still seen as a land of farmers and uneducated across the world, and somewhere deep down the line, it is the stark reality as well. Over 7 decades have passed already that the colonial rule of East India Company ended, yet the countrymen have failed to achieve the target of making India a developed nation. The lack of education plays one of the most crucial roles in pulling the country back and pushing it down the list of underdeveloped/developing nations.
Article/ Schedule 45 of Directive Principles of State Policy – Constitution of India, speaks of providing free education from 1958, “The State shall endeavour to provide, within a period of ten years from the commencement of this Constitution, for free and compulsory education for all children until they complete the age of fourteen years.” Yet, the condition of India is nothing, but worsening with every …